French drain replacement

Professional drain replacement in Montreal and on the North Shore

Remplacement de drain français
Remplacement de drain français

What circumstances warrant the replacement of a French drain?

If your French drain was improperly installed, has severe damage from tree roots or iron ochre buildup, or is at the end of its lifespan after years of use, you have no other choice but to have it replaced. Indeed, some drains are in such poor condition that attempting to repair them would only be a waste of time and money. In such cases, complete replacement of the drain (ideally in the spring) remains the smartest choice.

What steps are involved in the replacement of a French drain?

Removing and replacing an entire drainage system is no small task. That’s why we carry out a series of tests and verifications (soil type, drainage slope, etc.) before we start to dig, ensuring the project unfolds according to plan. Once the municipality approves the work, we carefully excavate the area, remove the damaged drain, prepare the trench, and proceed with installing the new drain.

At S.A.P. Excavation & Drains, we use lightweight, compact and manoeuvrable excavators to minimize the evidence left behind on your property. At the end of each project we make sure that anything we moved (grass, asphalt, stonework, etc.) is put right back in its place.

What’s included in the French drain replacement service offered by S.A.P. Excavation & Drains?

For your peace of mind, our comprehensive drain installation service includes:

  • Verification of the rules in place relating to water drainage and municipal sewer connections.
  • Coordination with Info-Excavation to eliminate the possibility of inadvertently damaging or severing underground utility cables or pipes.
  • Displacement of any items on your property that could get in the way of the work (swing sets, trees, etc.).
  • Precise excavation, only where necessary.
  • Compliance with the most recent requirements outlined in the Construction code;
  • Connection to an aboveground access point to enable the inspection and maintenance of the new drain without excavation.
  • Backfilling of the base using gravel and a geotextile membrane.
  • Complete inspection of the foundation to repair any cracks, if necessary.
  • Application of a waterproofing membrane (guaranteed 20 years) or vertical drainage membrane on the foundation walls, if applicable.
  • Final backfilling.
  • Careful restoration of the lawn and landscaping elements.

All S.A.P. Excavation & Drains franchisees are licenced by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec. Our French drain replacement work is fully guaranteed—and so is your satisfaction!