French drain unclogging & cleaning

Professional drain cleaning and unclogging in Montreal and on the North Shore

French drain unclogging and cleaning
French drain unclogging and cleaning
French drain unclogging and cleaning

What is the purpose of a French drain?

French drains have been a requirement for all residential properties in Quebec since 1955. The system’s main component, a perforated, four-inch-diameter pipe, optimizes drainage by keeping water away from building foundations and directing it towards a sewer, well or ditch. Ensuring the proper function and regular maintenance of a French drain is necessary to avoid major foundation damage caused by water infiltration. In ideal conditions, French drains can have a lifespan of 30 to 40 years.

How do French drains become damaged?

As the seasons come and go, various organic matter like tree roots, mud and iron ochre—a reddish, slimy substance formed by a biochemical reaction between water, iron and oxygen—can cause French drains to become clogged. Furthermore, premature damage is regularly seen on newer drains, usually due to an inadequate installation, misplaced connections, an uneven drainage slope or overly loose soil.

What are some signs of drain trouble?

At S.A.P. Excavation & Drains, we realized a long time ago that drain problems are more common in winter and spring, when the ground is still frozen. Various signs can point to a drainage issue, including increased basement humidity, mould or mildew growth at the base of walls, and the appearance of a whitish, powdery deposit (efflorescence) on cement surfaces.

What methods are used to determine the cause of a drainage problem?

If you think you might be facing a drainage issue, or if your French drain hasn’t been inspected in a long time, it would be a good idea for you to call on our services sooner rather than later. We use cutting-edge equipment—including special cameras that allow us to identify the root of a problem with a high level of precision—to diagnose drainage issues of all kinds. For drains that are accessible by ground, or connected to a sump or a storm drain with a check valve, camera inspection is the best solution. In cases where direct access is unavailable, we’re able to excavate the area to reach the problematic drain and examine it in detail.

How do you unclog a French drain?

In the event of a partial obstruction, a sewer rod (or drain auger) is usually all it takes to unclog a drain. When a more thorough or urgent drain clearing is required, we use our factory truck to pressure wash the affected area.

A blocked, neglected or damaged drain can cause a host of problems that usually require costly repairs. Trust our know-how before it’s too late!